Simone Biles acted on her own agency. She’s the G.O.A.T.

It’s pretty apparent that in the U.S.of.A., most of us are expendable, athletes more than others.

Too many people expect others to destroy their bodies and minds so they can be entertained. So many people confuse teamwork and abuse, and think sportsmanship requires a special brand of self-flagellation.

But all…

“I was born on April 4, 1921, in a beautiful two-story house.”

For years, my mom and I asked my Grandma to write her stories down, and now, in the middle of a pandemic, I’m holding 50 pages of blue-lined notebook paper filled with Grandma’s flowing handwriting. My mom had…

This is not the giant penis rocket. But it IS a rocket.

You’re pacing the kitchen, listening to Brene Brown talk about vulnerability. You’re also thinking about critical race theory, and today’s rocket launch to the moon, and you’re stirring pancake batter.

You switch off Brene, turn on the TV. There’s the rocket, headed toward the moon. You blink.

It looks like…

Great-grandma Lavinia Birdsong Lowry

Every year for Juneteenth, Great-Grandma Lavinia would tell me the same stories.

Lavinia was born in 1897, and while she had a temper and would starve a neighbor’s cows faster than she’d say his name, she was also known as the gentlest of healers. She watched for signs and listened…

Jessica Felicio/unsplash

I went into gall bladder surgery in early March with the desperate anticipation of an addict: Please, please give me the drug of long, dreamless sleep.

I am so damn tired. I am 400 years of broke down and exhausted, and so are my family, our friends, the people down…

mwangi gatheca/unsplash

Another black man has just died on camera.

If you haven’t seen the video of what appears to be the death of George Floyd, call it up. I don’t say this lightly because this video depicts humanity at its worst, and these types of images are triggering to black people…

Andrae Ricketts/unsplash

I wonder what Ahmaud Arbery would have given his mom for Mother’s Day.

I wonder if he would have visited a local jewelry store, or gotten her flowers, or a book by her favorite author. Made breakfast for her. He might have taken her to church, and he might have…

Dartinia Hull

Unapologetically Black. THAT mom. I put words on the page, and sometimes, they do stuff.

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